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profilerchic asked: Prompt: OQ: I need Henry and Roland to hang out. I need Henry to call Regina “mom. ”I need Roland to start calling Regina “mom” too because of brother Henry doing it. please?! :D

The sliding glass door’s repeatedly slamming shut is what wakes Regina up early Saturday morning. She can hear voices coming from the backyard. 

Rolling over, she reads the clock. 6:45. 

You have got to be kidding me…

Regina realizes that it’s futile going back to sleep. They’re being too loud and she’s going to worry herself to death with all the possibilities of trouble the boys could be getting into. 

She grabs her silk robe, cinching it shut at the waist and goes downstairs. 

The light’s are still off downstairs, but the coffeepot is humming and Robin’s got all her favorite coffee fix-ins lined up on the kitchen island. Regina smiles softly.

It’s the little things.

 ”Now pull your arm back… yes, just like that! Take your time aiming.”


Oh heck no…

Regina strides to the backyard doors and slides it open. The sun is just rising in the sky, and Roland and Robin are aiming heavy duty flashlights at her apple tree. Henry has Robin’s bow in his hands, arrow notched and ready to fly. 

"Henry!" Regina gasps. 

"Mom!" Henry cries, surprised. The arrow goes flying from his fingers and straight through some bushes and out onto the street. Regina prays the the early morning joggers aren’t passing by.

"Regina-" Robin starts, but one of her famous glares stops the words on his lips. 

"We’re only practicing being Merry Men… mom,” Roland say’s timidly. He eye’s Henry, his older brother, to see if he said the right thing. 

All angry thoughts vanish from her mind and Regina stands there speechless a warm feeling in the pit of her stomach. 

"Well practice more carefully," Regina say’s, making her tone softer. 

"And when there’s more light."

All three boy’s let out a whoop and Henry and Roland take off to go find the way-ward arrow. 

"We’ll play safe!" Robin calls to Regina.

The Queen waves her hand in acknowledgment and turns back to go inside the house. She makes herself a cup of coffee and reads the newspaper, content with the barely contained shouts coming from outside the backyard.


Thirty minutes later everyone’s piled into the car on the way to the hospital. Robin bites his lips in attempt to keep in the moan of pain threatening to come out. He holds a bloody cloth to the wound in his arm. 

"We played safe, Mom," Henry clarifies. 

"Yes!" Roland chimes in, the small beanie on his head bouncing in the rearview mirror Regina watches them in.

"Dad was the one who stepped in the way."

Regina flips on her turn signal, and makes a left. The hospital isn’t much farther from here.

"I told you so," Regina mutters under her breath at Robin. 

The archer replies with a smile as he pushes against his seat belts confinements to lean over and press a loud kiss to the side of her head. 

Anonymous asked: u should make an ff acount to put all your wonderful stories on :)

Awww! Thank you lovely! 

I was actually thinking about making an account just the other day! I don’t know much about the site so it may take me a few day’s to set one up! :)


I never used to appreciate Irish accents, then I encountered Aidan Turner and Colin O’Donoghue.

God bless the Irish 


One of the best transitions I’ve ever seen in a movie.

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